Trussardi - Official dealer

Trussardi - Official Dealer

Trussardi is the brand that boasts a solid family tradition, which from the beginning, has determined the character of the brand. A modern interpretation of craftsmanship and history in which the collections are integrated in the urban context from which they draw stylistic cues. The production of Trussardi watches has a cosmopolitan and dynamic soul that is repeated in every collection. Milan, the cradle of the brand, is the city that more than others has a strong tradition attentive to the latest fashion trends. Trussardi watches express a design markedly Made in Italy that is exported all over the world with elegance and with particular regard to quality. The details make the difference in the collections of Trussardi watches, colors and materials that are always different for a vast proposal that aims to satisfy different tastes with the common thread of refinement and originality.