About Us


The first Bluespirit jewellery was born in the early '70s, with the name of Blue Point, and immediately stands out for its innovative formula "open doors", making the precious jewel accessible to all. With the brand Blue Point first and Bluespirit then, it has established itself over time as one of the most important companies in the Italian jewellery scene. Bluespirit is today a modern retail reality, leader in the jewellery industry and present on the national territory with more than 160 stores, constantly growing. The significant expansion contributes to the consolidation of the brand's success, bringing the Bluespirit jewellers to be a constant presence in all the most important commercial centers in Italy. The dialogue, the interaction and the ability to grasp the trends and the emerging needs of the market represent the key to success of Bluespirit, a brand that today is the best expression of Made in Italy. The experience accumulated over the years in the research and selection of precious materials, has allowed Bluespirit to become a highly recognized brand of the precious jewel in diamonds, gold and silver. The strong focus on service makes our offer even more unique: repairs, custom engraving, tailor-made jewellery and watches.


Bluespirit: an Italian jewel. Thanks to the constant research and a considerable experience in the development of jewellery, Bluespirit is a leader in innovation and quality in jewellery making. The strong Italian goldsmith tradition, the careful control of the quality of the materials, the selection of precious stones, make the Bluespirit jewel the safest and most precious reference point for an attentive and demanding customer. Bluespirit jewels tell every precious moment of our customers' lives. The emotion of marriage, the happiness of the birth of a child, the pride of the degree, the affection for friends... every precious moment must be told with a Bluespirit jewel. A careful and competent relationship towards our customers and the determination to grasp the emerging needs of the market, are part of a certain specific business philosophy aimed at putting our customers at the center of all our precious creation. Bluespirit tells the precious moments of life, with gold, diamond and silver jewels!