Jewelry and watch repair

Jewelery and watch repair
The repair of jewellery and watches is another of the areas in which we assist you in the after-sales phase. We know how much a jewel or a watch that breaks can be a problem. Jewels are not just objects, but have an added value, not just economic. They may have been given to us by a special person, they are a token of love and friendship, they show how much people love us and want to see us shine. Or they remind us of important goals and beautiful events: special meetings, goals achieved, meaningful ceremonies. That's why when they break, it's almost a small mourning. 

At Bluespirit, we know this and we want to help you repair your jewellery thanks to our jewellery and watch repair service of all the brands in our store. We know that often it is not easy to entrust our most precious objects to someone we do not know: this is why we use only the help of goldsmiths and specialized assistance centers. So you can be sure your jewellery with us is in good hands. How many times do we abandon a broken watch or a necklace with the clasp that no longer works, at the bottom of a drawer, renouncing to put them? Our jewellery repair service is meant just for you. 

Bring your jewellery in one of our stores, we will show them to our excellent employees who will carry out an assessment and we will give you an accurate cost estimate. In a short time we will be able to tell you if we can repair your jewellery and how much it will cost you. 

Our jewels are memories of precious moments, do not let them fade. Repairing them means taking care of them and celebrating these moments every day. We do it for you, because we know how much you care. That's why we choose the best experts, who take care of your jewels with expertise: with them they are really in safe hands. And you can go back to show off with the tranquility of having entrusted yourself to the right people. Jewels are small works of art: they are often fragile and can break. To return as before they need a cure and a technique that only some experts possess.

At Bluespirit, we have selected them for you. It is our reliable and accurate jewellery and watch repair service that will give new life to your broken or damaged jewellery. Because celebrating your most precious moments is our passion.