Gold Buying Service

Gold Buying Service

Overvaluation of secondhand gold!

Our Gold Buying Service could be just the right solution for you! 


A GIFT FOR YOU! A simple and reliable solution to get rid of the gold you no longer use and go home with whatever you desire.

Quotations for Gold 1000. It is often difficult for us to separate from our gold jewellery, even if it may be old and we do not wear it anymore. Family jewels, memories of important events, valuable gifts but that maybe do not meet our taste: our jewellery boxes are full of objects of this kind, that take up space and often prevent us from making room for the things we really like. Gold Buying Service is a simple and convenient solution because it offers you various choices to meet your needs with customized solutions. Get comfortable, our qualified staff will show you all the options available, carefully evaluating your gold and offering you the best choices to separate you from your jewellery without regrets. Among the choices we offer there is the replacement of your old gold jewellery with new gold, diamond or silver jewellery. How many times have you given up buying something new because you already had so many old jewels that you never put on? 

Well, it's time to visit us with your old gold and finally choose something you like and represent yourself, to wear every day and on special occasions. Have you ever thought that your old gold could become a wonderful watch or a jewel of the most important brands? Just so! Thanks to our Gold Buying Service. Come and have a look at our windows, you could find your next jewel.

If this solution still does not convince you, no problem. If you do not want to replace your gold with a new jewel, we thought of another solution. Show us your old gold anyway, our staff will carefully evaluate your gold jewellery with or without stones and offer you a cash alternative. In this way it will have new life and it will no longer be a burden for you. If you still have any doubts, come and visit us and ask our staff for advice, that will be able to evaluate your jewellery transparently and will help you choose with serenity. Do not leave your old gold shoved in a drawer: entrust it to us and we will guarantee you a solution that will not leave you dissatisfied. 

Our Gold Buying Services is a simple and reliable solution to get rid of the gold you no longer use and go home with whatever you want. We are waiting for you in our stores!