Lumiere Collection

Lumière Collection

The Lumière collection was created to make the natural light of every woman shine. Lost among our daily commitments, sometimes a special jewel is enough to return to shine. 
A few elements and the work is done: light, the purest element, shines on the white zircons of the Lumière collection. 


Lumière Collection

Light Points that look like drops of dew, embellish light threads of bright yellow gold. The thousand facets of zircons, the brightness of yellow gold, the elegance of pendants: an interweaving of shapes and light effects that capture the eye and conquer the heart. It is impossible not to shine with the jewels of the Lumière collection. We have chosen our favourite lucky charms for the pendants to wear every day. The heart, with its delicate shape and evocative power, the moon and stars, able to shine even in the darkest night.   

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The glow of yellow gold, the thousand facets of white zircons, the balance between the light points and the nuances of three colors gold: light effects that create a perfect harmony. Simple but special jewels that bring out all our ability to shine. 

For every woman who wants to shine with her truest light. Let yourself be won over by the Lumière collection and light up your life with elegance and sweetness. Because light is our most beautiful and precious jewel.

The simplicity of the spheres, which fill the eyes and embellish each look in the elegant shades of three colors gold. Amulets to always carry with you to shine at any time of day, with style, elegance and delicacy. 
Different shapes that express the uniqueness of women in all their contradictions: sweet and passionate like the heart, mysterious like the moon and bright as the stars.