Cheops Collection

Cheope Collection

Jewelry that will take you to another era, those of the Cheope collection. A time of queens who conquered with their charm, in a mysterious and grandiose kingdom: the regal and iconic aesthetics of Ancient Egypt inspired us a collection of geometric and minimal jewelry, unique in their kind. In the most precious nuances, the earrings, bracelets and necklaces of the Cheope line amaze with their mix of antique and modern, without ever being excessively vintage. In Egyptian jewelry the most popular shapes were geometric, a feature that we have taken up, enriching our creations with pendants in the shape of a circle. In its regularity the circle gives harmony to the wearer and its deep and mystical meaning evokes a sense of charm and mystery. 

Cheope Collection

The minimalism and geometricity of this collection meet the most popular contemporary trends, giving rise to extraordinarily modern jewelry. In their circles, however, you will always find an exotic touch that will take you back to the dunes of the desert: in the detail of the pendant in the shape of a circle the beautiful scratched workmanship will win you over with its ethnic look.

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A charm enhanced by the precious nuances that you will find on the Cheope collection: a warm and precious yellow gold, the color of the queens, but also the ultra feminine variant of rose gold and the most neutral of silver.

The combination of antique and modern reaches its perfect balance in the two necklaces, where we find the beautiful pendants with Egyptian taste combined with super trendy shot-blasted chains.

The result is a collection that will definitely stand out, perfect for those who have refined tastes and love to find precious objects that come from distant lands. Go back in time with the Cheope collection and get ready to relive a magical atmosphere, to wear with the earrings, bracelets and necklaces of this fascinating line.