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Pianeti Collection

If the galaxy could turn into a jewel, it would become the Pianeti Collection! An extraordinary line of jewels in 750 yellow gold that will enchant you with delicate and sinuous lines, multifaceted reflections and warm colors. All these elements recall an "astral" design with golden chains reminiscent of orbits and diamond beads that look like planets. It's hard to believe that such a delicate and refined collection could be inspired by something so evocative and distant, yet observing these special jewels you won't be able to deny their mysterious charm. A collection composed of necklaces and bracelets, in different models with notes of different colors. Richer or simpler models, easy to wear in the daytime or perfect for the evening, always elegant and with a very recognizable design.  

Pianeti Cheope

The jewels of the Pianeti collection are all enriched by diamond beads, on which you will find a series of facets that make them even brighter and iridescent. In the different colours and original sequences in which we have alternated them, they create truly unique astral landscapes: like the necklace and the double thread bracelets, enriched with beads in shades of blue, green, gold and silver.

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The same model is also present in a variant of the most delicate and precious shades, where we find the colors of silver and golden rose. Astral geometries are a great inspiration for the design of the most loved jewels in recent seasons, but we bet you had never seen such light and delicate lines evoke planets and astral orbits!  

Discover this fantastic collection and choose the "planet" that inspires you the most. Such bright and interesting jewellery will become the centre of attention on a special moonlit evening: with a super chic black suit and the jewellery from the Pianeti collection you will be impeccable and sophisticated.

With their magnetic charm they are real jewels from another planet!