Fior di Loto Collection

Bluespirit Fior di Loto Collection

The beauty of simplicity is unmatched, as demonstrated by the Bluespirit Fiore di Loto Collection. Jewels inspired by the delicacy and charm of this flower, which manages to enchant everyone. An essential aesthetic balanced by ultra-precious materials such as diamonds and 375 white gold. Because simple light points are enough to release all the light of this special stone. Small circular diamonds are combined with very simple elements. The stud earrings have simple griffes, the necklace a delicate chain and a clasp, the ring a simple white gold band.


Fiore di Loto Collection

The diamond, with its facets, manages to release a light that illuminates everything around it, like a small star. A stone with amazing characteristics and with a special meaning. A gem of such value has become the symbol of important promises, of an indissoluble bond, of the truest and deepest love. A stone that is given a few times in life, special occasions that the jewels of the Fiore di Loto Collection of Bluespirit will crown definitively. 

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We have combined the brightness and quality of the diamond with an equally precious and shiny metal, white gold, which makes the stone stand out even more. Jewels that make you fall in love because they are chosen with love by people who care most about you and who know that just a diamond is the gift to live up to your feeling. 

As delicate as a lotus flower, as brilliant as a diamond, as precious as white gold: the elements that characterize these jewels are those that distinguish your love and for this reason are the perfect gift to honor it. 

Seeing a lotus flower bloom is one of the most exciting shows that nature can offer, just like seeing a new love bloom. Celebrate yours with the Bluespirit Fiore di Loto Collection!