Divine Collection

Divina Collection

The Divina Collection by Bluespirit contains in a few elements the magnetic charm and the ability to enchant of women. The colored crystals are the main protagonists. Special stones, crystals, which in many cultures have healing powers: those of the Divina Collection certainly have the power to fascinate, with their reflections and transparencies.

Divina Collection

Essential jewels in the lines, so as to put in the foreground the crystals, with their thousand facets that reflect the light, creating a little magic at each ray. A real must-have for every woman, in fact, in the collection there is a wide range of colors, so that each can choose her favorite: from the most intense shades of red, green and blue, to the most delicate tones of aquamarine, pink and ivory.


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Versatile colours and essential shapes make these jewels an ideal addition to any kind of look, never excessive but with great effect. For a woman who prefers elegant and minimalist style and who knows that it takes little to be noticed. The most fascinating detail of these jewels is the harmony of light and colours that generate the crystals: it is the magic of this stone, which with its transparencies and its many facets creates an effect of depth. It is the magnetism of crystal, hypnotic and fascinating as every woman. The Divina Collection is the proof that to be intriguing, just like a diva, it takes little: a stone with an irresistible charm, a jewel that attracts light and fills the eyes of those who look at it with a vibrant color. The impalpable beauty, full of mystery of the crystals, completes the figure of every woman. Wear the crystals of the Divina Collection of Bluespirit and you will shine with a light that never fades.