Bluespirit Card

During the period of the initiative, all customers who purchase Products displayed on the Bluespirit website from 01/10/2017 to 31/12/2018, or purchase in a shop with Bluespirit sign (physical store that participates in the initiative) for every euro of products purchased, will accrue 1 point that will be credited to the Bluespirit Card of the customer. One euro paid is equivalent to 1 point. The points will be accumulated during all the months of validity of the initiative.

Upon reaching the threshold of 500 points, customers can request the issuance of prizes, identified as "Vouchers" of a value equal to 10% of the value of points earned. The issuance of vouchers can be requested by the customer at any time, by December 31, 2018, to reach a minimum of 500 points credited. The vouchers must be requested by the customers and physically delivered by the Bluespirit Stores at the time the customer makes a request; each voucher will be worth 10.00 euros and can be used for purchases both within the Bluespirit shop and for purchases on the website

If the vouchers are requested on the website, the virtual wallet will count the value of the accrued voucher that must be spent with a purchase at the same time as the conversion, then a single step of conversion + use. Once you have obtained the vouchers or the value of the voucher in the virtual wallet, corresponding to the value accrued, the points accrued and used in the Bluespirit card will be reset to zero, and you can start to accrue new points, always within the limits of validity of the initiative.

The vouchers requested by 31/12/2018 will be spendable within the Bluespirit website at the same time as the conversion and then by 31/12/2018; the vouchers requested in the store can be used within the Bluespirit stores or on the website by 31 March 2019. The voucher may only be used once, after which it will be withdrawn from the shops and invalidated. The vouchers can also be used cumulatively up to the maximum value from the purchase; they do not give the right to return money in cash. The vouchers requested in the Bluespirit shop can be sold to others and in any case used only once. The vouchers cannot be used for the purchase of Products that are already the subject of promotional offers within the Stores or the Bluespirit website (discounts, promotional sales, sales, gold exchange, etc etc.).