Resizing Service

Resizing service


Among our services we also offer the resizing of the jewellery and the watch. Because jewels must be comfortable to wear and adhere perfectly to our skin. Have you received the most important ring of your life, but unfortunately it is too wide and you are afraid to lose it? Or is it so tight that every time you need ten minutes to remove it? Did you fall in love with a bracelet, but it is too large for your wrist and you had to give up? Or did you buy it anyway, and now you never put it because you would risk losing it? You have found the right watch for you: you love the model and the color, but the size is not right... In all these cases, from Bluespirit we have the right solution for you, our resizing service. Fast, accurate and reliable, just like our staff, that will take care of your jewels to finally resize them. 
We will adapt your jewels to your size, directly in one of our Bluespirit points of sale.

Resizing is a delicate job that requires precise tools to measure, enlarge and tighten. People are scared that this "manipulation" can ruin their jewels and make them lose their value. In fact, in many cases, when people don't seek for professional help, the damage is likely to be important. For this the safest thing is to rely on the experience and expertise of our staff who will be able to resize your jewellery without ruining it. Do not give up wearing your jewellery in peace, let us make it even more suitable for you. 

We believe that jewels are a bit of an extension of ourselves: they reflect our personality and reflect our taste. Wearing them gives us grit and helps us to face life with character. That's why at Bluespirit we take care of you, helping you choose the right jewellery and take care of it.

A jewel is forever and we want to give you the necessary assistance so that it can last over time. Come visit us in our stores and we will evaluate together the best solution for you.