Jewel cleaning

Cleaning of the jewel


The cleaning of the jewel is a delicate but necessary step in the maintenance of our jewellery and watches. We often do not notice it, but the hectic life we lead puts a strain on their luster. Dust, pollution and daily wear are the most dangerous enemies for our jewels. Used to bring them often, maybe we do not notice, but our jewels also suffer the effects of time. Think about your engagement ring or your favorite stone ring and try to look at the tips that hold the stone. These tips are one of the most delicate parts of the ring and more prone to wear.

Over time they may even lose their grip on the stone and your zircon or your diamond could slip. Unfortunately, in these cases, there is not much to do, but we can always prevent these unpleasant situations.

How?  Through our jewel cleaning service. Because in Bluespirit we want your jewellery to always make you feel better. How can we feel sure of ourselvesduring an important night if our jewellery or our best watch are off and dull? Our jewels speak for us and can influence the way we feel.
To make them shine and be the stars of the evening we have to take care of them in the right way and that's why we thought of a service of jewellery cleaning, guaranteed by our qualified staff, who will treat them with the most appropriated tools.

It is not only the appearance of our jewellery that is affected by the action of time and atmospheric agents, but often also their functionality. Rings that risk losing their precious stones, clasps of necklaces and bracelets that can wear out and give up suddenly: this is what can happen with the passage of time and a little distraction in treating our jewels.
How many times in fact we forget to take them off before taking a shower, ending up exposing them to water and chemicals? That's why we offer you our jewel cleaning service, to give your jewellery and your watch all the care they need.

We will take care of your jewellery at 360 degrees, from cleaning, to polishing, up to their maintenance. Continue to live your precious moments with the jewels you love the most.