Ray of Light Collection

Raggio di Luce Collection

The sweetest symbols and a shower of zircons are the real jewels of the Raggio di Luce collection, in white gold. A line that alternates very light models with more important jewels, but always with refinement and precious materials. White gold chains form the basis of bracelets and necklaces, on which you will find a shower of pendants: iconic symbols such as the moon, the star and the heart, made even more precious by wonderful multifaceted zircons. Games of light that enhance your beauty with elegance and simplicity, a precious collection that alternates delicate models to wear every day to important necklaces, perfect for making your evening unique. The earrings take up the same elements with a long model of great effect, from which come down zircons, stars, hearts and moons in white gold.

Raggio di Luce Collection

Symbols inspired by elements that in everyday life really illuminate us, those of the collection Raggio di Luce: the sun and the moon, with their rays that warm the day and light up the night, and the heart, a symbol of the brightest feeling. An ideal collection to give to special people.

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Zirconia, in different shapes and enriched by many facets, add that special touch, made of iridescent reflections that dance on the jewels when they meet a ray of light.

The sphere, the drop and the navette are the delicate shapes, belonging to the classical tradition, which enhance the brightness and make even more magnetic the charm of the zircons: with their simple lines enhance the imaginative shapes of the pendants in white gold, romantic and playful. 

. Light up your day with your own personal ray of light, jewels created to make you shine and bring a touch of magic even in the darkest moments. Get ready to live precious moments with the collection Raggio di Luce!