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Buena Suerte Collection
collezione buena suerte

Luck is at hand with the Buena Suerte collection and its silver amulets! Necklaces, earrings and bracelets that will make you feel lucky with classic or more unexpected symbols, all united by a deep meaning. In addition to the traditional four-leaf clover, there are also symbols of protection that come from afar, such as the hamsa and the eye of Allah: perfect for those who like to imagine themselves in distant lands, discovering new cultures. Luck can have many different meanings: there are those who understand it as a sudden and positive event, or even those who think that it is enough to have around the loved ones to feel lucky. 

Buena Suerte Collection

That's why we also dedicated the jewels of the Buena Suerte collection to love: with symbols such as the heart, the tree of life and the anchor with an intersecting heart, we created earrings, bracelets and necklaces with a romantic soul, to be worn as amulets. In 925 silver, these jewels are light and light-hearted: hoop earrings with luminous pendants, bracelets and necklaces made up of chains with balls and embellished with pendants in shades of silver and rose gold.     

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Simple and delicate combinations, which give lightness to your jewel and complete your look with tenderness. Among the various symbols that enrich the collection you will also find the cross, a religious symbol that has now become an icon of the fashion world, but that remains above all an emblem of protection and spirituality. 

Symbols and good luck charms for all tastes and personalities, jewels with an essential design and infinite sweetness, in a noble material like silver. We have designed them for special occasions, affectionate gifts and moments to remember with a jewel full of positivity and love.

. It won't be difficult to match them with your daily look, but also with those suits you use for more special occasions: luck will make you perfect with the models of the Buena Suerte collection.